The Book that Shook Rome:
A Review of the New Edition of The Devil’s Final Battle
by Edwin Faust

A new, updated and expanded edition of The Devil’s Final Battle is in print. It incorporates more than 100 pages of new material and details the amazing developments spurred by the book’s initial publication in 2002. The review highlights what is bound to be the cause of a new churchquake.

"Every Catholic who loves Holy Mother Church and who has suffered with Her in recent decades must read this book which offers a clear but alarming vision of where we are, how we got there, and where we are going." read more
David Allen White, Ph.D.
Professor emeritus of Literature,
Annapolis Naval Academy

"As various controversies and scandals continue to swirl throughout the Church leaving every faithful Catholic to determine the proper internal and external response to this crisis, we must take care to resist two serious and related temptations. ... read more
Peter W. Miller
Editor, Seattle Catholic

"The authors of the articles revised and compiled here contend that we are in the midst of the Great Apostasy: that final conflict for our souls. The evidence in this book shows that this is taking place now and that it is the substance of the Third Secret of Fatima. This book is required reading, especially for those who fail to see the direct connection of the Third Secret with the spiritual impoverishment of the millennial Church, with current cataclysmic human events, and with the darkened intellects and moral indifference of clergy, politicians and numerous faithful in the face of the superhuman evil unleashed among us by God''s adversary, the killer of souls."

Father Charles Fiore
Professor Invitatis of the Pontifical University
of St. Thomas Aquinas in Rome (The Angelicum)

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