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The Devil’s Final Battle
Editors' Preface


        The hypothetical man on the street would be surprised to learn that the terrorist attack of September 11, 2001 and the sexual scandal now wracking the Catholic Church are closely related events. But they are indeed closely related. The relation becomes apparent when the two events are viewed through the prism of the Message of Fatima.

        It is often said that as the Church goes, so goes the world. That, in essence, is what the Mother of God cautioned when She came to Fatima, Portugal, 85 years ago, in a series of apparitions authenticated by a public miracle without precedent in world history. Since that time the prophetic admonitions in the Message of Fatima have all been fulfilled to the letter—save for one: the annihilation of various nations, which the Virgin of Fatima warned would be the ultimate consequence of failing to honor Her requests.

        The Fatima apparitions have been deemed authentic by a series of Popes and are now commemorated in the Roman Missal (the basic book of Catholic worship) by the decree of Pope John Paul II. And yet, in what must be seen as a mystery of iniquity, the Virgin’s simple requests remain unfulfilled due to conscious decisions by some of the highest-ranking prelates in the Catholic Church. The result, just as She predicted, is an ever-deepening crisis in the Church and the world, accompanied by a growing sense, even among non-Catholics, that we are witnessing the beginning of an apocalypse.

        This book was originally conceived as a compilation of some of the more important writings and speeches on Fatima in recent years.1 It was hoped that collecting these works under one cover would give them wider distribution and longer shelf life. But this concept was soon supplanted by a better one—recasting the articles and speeches as an integral book with a coherent overall theme. With the authors’ permission, Father Paul Kramer and the editorial staff of The Missionary Association sculpted the articles and speeches (adding much new material) into a work unlike anything ever published about Fatima.

        It was in the process of assessing and augmenting the material that something remarkable happened: a theme emerged entirely on its own, as if by Providence. In approaching the subject of the Fatima Message from different angles, the various speakers and writers had all converged on one conclusion: the events at Fatima represent a heavenly focal point in the battle now raging for the Church and the world. Both the crisis in the Church and the crisis in the world center around the divine truths summed up with heavenly concision in the Fatima apparitions. In the fulfillment of the Message of Fatima lies the end of these twin crises. In the denial of that Message lies, in great measure, the origin and the augmentation of both.

        The astounding events at Fatima were not some useless spectacle, for God does not engage in useless spectacles. The Mother of God came to earth with our present circumstances clearly in view, and with the solicitude of a mother She offered us a way out—the way chosen by God Himself for our time. That being the case, one cannot understand the state of the Church and the world today without understanding what happened at Fatima.

        One must also understand the strange and systematic effort by certain Catholic churchmen to obstruct fulfillment of the heavenly imperatives of the Fatima Message including: the consecration of Russia to the Immaculate Heart of Mary; the miraculous conversion of Russia to Catholicism; and the consequent triumph of the Immaculate Heart in a period of world peace. The central importance of Fatima in the scheme of current world events is only demonstrated by the recent, almost frantic, efforts of certain Vatican officials to "deconstruct" and "demythologize" Fatima in order to avoid giving offense to various elements outside the Church—especially the Russian Orthodox, whose implacable opposition to Rome is as intense as ever after forty years of useless "ecumenical dialogue" with Vatican representatives. The pages that follow present evidence against the most prominent churchmen involved in this campaign against Fatima, laying at their feet a large portion of the blame for the ecclesial crisis and the world crisis we must all face.

        To those who say that our undertaking to expose their campaign against Fatima is scandalous, we can only reply with the words of the Virgin Herself: "If My requests are heeded, Russia will be converted, and there will be peace; if not, she will spread her errors throughout the world, causing wars and persecutions of the Church. The good will be martyred; the Holy Father will have much to suffer; various nations will be annihilated." Russia has not converted. Russia’s errors, including the holocaust of "legalized" abortion, have spread throughout the world. There is no peace. And today even non-Catholics and unbelievers live in fear of the annihilation of nations. To echo the words of Pope St. Gregory the Great, it is better that scandal arise than that the truth be hidden—especially when, as in this case, the truth could avert global disaster.

        We submit this work to the judgment of the Pope and to the judgment of you, the reader. We submit this work publicly because numerous private entreaties, spread over more than five years, to high Church authorities have all been unavailing. Meanwhile, the men who surround an increasingly frail Pope render him effectively incapable of responding to petitions from rank-and-file clergy and laity. At this very moment a papal deathwatch is underway, with would-be successors to the papal throne maneuvering for positions of advantage at the next conclave. As the decades-long episcopal cover-up of sexual scandals among the priesthood demonstrates, in present circumstances the public forum is the only forum open to Catholics who seek redress of just grievances affecting the whole Church.

        Our motivation in presenting this book is that of loyal sons and daughters of the Church, who know and love the Faith and believe in conscience that the current course still being followed by certain Church leaders is gravely mistaken, as recent events in the Catholic Church should make clear to any objective observer. If we have erred in any of our facts, reasoning or conclusions, or committed any injustice, it would be the duty of the reader to offer us, not invective or empty denunciations, but legitimate correction based upon facts—for our own sake and the sake of the Church. But if the case we present is well-founded, then the reader has a different duty: the duty to act upon the evidence we present—now, while there is still time.

Father Paul Kramer and the
Editorial Team of The Missionary Association

December 8, 2002
Feast of the Immaculate Conception


1. Among the principal sources of this book are: "Are There Two Original Manuscripts on the Third Secret?", Andrew M. Cesanek (The Fatima Crusader, Issue 64, Spring 2000); "Cardinal Ratzinger’s Third Secret", Father Gregory Hesse (The Fatima Crusader, Issue 66, Winter 2001); "Chronology of a Cover-up", Father Paul Kramer (published on www.fatima.org); "Freemasonry and the Subversion of the Church (the Alta Vendita)", John Vennari (Transcript of speech from Fatima Conference in Rome, October 2001); "It Doesn’t Add Up", John Vennari (The Fatima Crusader, Issue 70, Spring 2002); "Let us Hear the Witness, for Heaven’s Sake," Christopher Ferrara (The Fatima Crusader, Issue 70, Spring 2002); "Lucy and the Pirates", Mark Fellows (The Fatima Crusader, Issue 70, Spring 2002); "The Lying Press Conference of June 26, 2000", Father Paul Kramer (Transcript of speech from Fatima Conference in Rome, October 2001); "Our Lady of Fatima vs. the Desire to Destroy our Catholic Heritage", John Vennari (Transcript of speech, Fatima Rally Against Terrorism, New York, November 2001); "The ‘Party Line’ and its Relationship to Fatima", Father Paul Kramer (Transcript of speech from Fatima Conference in Rome, October 2001); "Pope John Paul II Gives Us the Key to the Real Third Secret," Father Nicholas Gruner (Three part series, The Fatima Crusader, Issues 67-69); "The Stalinization of the Catholic Church" (Transcript of speech from Fatima Conference in Rome, October 2001); "The Third Secret," Father Nicholas Gruner (Transcript of speech from Fatima Conference in Rome, October 2001).

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