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  Father Charles Fiore   Father Ed, Canada
  Father Louis, U.S.A.   Father Augustine, Australia
  Monsignor John, U.S.A.   Father Bartley F. Schmitz,

The Devil’s Final Battle

  The Devil’s Final Battle is Sister Lucy of Fatima’s telling of Our Lady’s warning that "the devil is in the mood (for) … a decisive" confrontation, foretold in the "enmity" of Genesis 3:15 about his ongoing battle with "The Lady clothed in light."

The authors of the articles revised and compiled here, from numerous sources, contend that we are in the midst of the Great Apostasy: that final conflict for our souls, the Catholic Church and the world that, the evidence shows, is the substance of "the Third Secret" of Fatima — suppressed by the Popes for forty years, since 1960, and twisted and dismissed by Cardinal Angelo Sodano on May 13, 2000, at the beatifications of Jacinta and Francisco Marto, and by Cardinal Josef Ratzinger on June 26 of that year.

This book is required reading, especially for those who fail to see (or who ignore) the direct connection of Fatima’s untold "Third Secret" with the spiritual impoverishment of the millennial Church, with current cataclysmic human events, and with the feckless indirection, darkened intellects and moral ennui of clergy, politicians, and the clueless "faithful" in the face of the superhuman evil unleashed among us by God’s adversary, the killer of souls.

Father Charles Fiore

The Devil’s Final Battle

  Thank you for your book The Devil’s Final Battle which I finished reading. This latest book, once again presents us with the highest caliber of scholarly work. Fr. Kramer has taken great pains to be objective, accurate and yet as charitable as possible under the circumstances, even though his purpose was to take the fight right into the Vatican, by naming those four Cardinals who could actually be proven guilty of the charges he leveled against them. Together with thousands of other "little people" scattered throughout thousands of parishes throughout the world, I have also fought the good fight ever since the changes began after Vatican II, and none of us have ever chalked up any success. Never, ever, did any bishop or Pope come to our defense or rescue during these past forty years, therefore I’m being realistic in not expecting any such miracle in the near future.

Today we’re not faced with heresy, but with a near-total apostasy! The vast majority of Catholics today, are not searching for the truth at all, simply because they are totally brainwashed — not to know or care — what God wants of them.

The bishops are afraid to buck the party line, because they know they can be easily destroyed for doing so. It’s still more true in regards to any priest who steps out of line. You can see how secure is the position of bishops in Canada/America, since not even one had to resign over the homo/pedophile scandal.

As far as bishops go, they are not likely to start worrying over Fatima until God finally begins His terrible chastisement. Holy Mary, Mother of God pray for us sinners!

Father Ed, Canada

The Devil’s Final Battle

   Fr. Kramer’s expose of the "great crime ...committed against the Catholic Church and the world at large" by the refusal to consecrate Russia to the Immaculate Heart of Mary while knowingly and willfully suppressing the Third Secret of Fatima is grimly methodical. Fr. Kramer casts his book in the form of a legal indictment outlining the crime, the evidence for the crime, naming the suspected perpetrators of the crime, their motives, their defense of their actions, and the devastating consequences that have already resulted from their crime and will continue to intensify until the crime is undone.

The book is relentless. But then the crime is immense. The book voices the anger and dismay of the faithful over the failure of the Holy See to consecrate Russia to Our Lady in the way that She requested. It is an expose of the many pretended consecrations that have taken place. It is furthermore a strong condemnation of the failure to reveal the final Secret of Fatima as requested by Our Lady and gives a chilling litany of the sad and dismal consequences, present and impending, resulting from the failure to consecrate and the failure to reveal.

The book is sobering in its adumbrations of the future. It does however strengthen faith and hope in the eventual triumph of the Immaculate Heart over the Evil One and his minions.

It should be published without hesitation and widely distributed. Certainly copies should be sent to significant Church leaders both in the United States and abroad and most assuredly to the Holy Father himself.

Father Louis, U.S.A.

The Devil’s Final Battle

   I want to thank you for sending me those two copies of Fr. Kramer’s book The Devil’s Final Battle.

My poor eyesight makes reading for me almost impossible. So I had to ask one of my friends to read the book to me. But I must say that I enjoyed every moment of it, even though my ire was continually aroused by the conduct of those blackguards in the Vatican.

Yes, Fr. Kramer has done a wonderful job in producing the book, and he is to be congratulated. I am of the opinion that it should be published as soon as possible, and without changing a word.

I would like to add $1,000.00 to help pay for the printing of that wonderful book.

Father Augustine, Australia

The Devil’s Final Battle

   It (The Devil’s Final Battle) points out the most pertinent considerations as regards the assault on God, Church and Mary.

Send excerpts or copies to bishops and priests, especially those in the Orthodox Church who know nothing of the Fatima message.

It is necessary to let the Orthodox know of Fatima since they are in the eye of the hurricane. But, they have a true love of Mary and they may be the answer to spreading the message.

Monsignor John, U.S.A.

The Devil’s Final Battle

   Let the Truth prevail.

Father Bartley F. Schmitz, Taiwan

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