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The Devil’s Final Battle

   Our Blessed Mother graced our age with a spectacular miracle at Fatima in 1917, along with equally spectacular and alarming warnings. During the past 40 years the enemies of Christ have sought to bury this message and the request of Our Lady for the Consecration of Russia to Her Immaculate Heart which is the only means for peace for our world.

In The Devil’s Final Battle, Fr. Paul Kramer and other authors now tell this story like it has never been told before. One would have to read dozens of books and hundreds of news articles in order to obtain the rock solid foundation which is packed into this book and which proves conclusively a conspiracy to bury the message of Fatima...a conspiracy which reaches to the highest corridors of the Vatican. The authors prove this case beyond a reasonable doubt.

I am particularly impressed that this book has the courage to name names, so that Catholics may know who has been orchestrating this devilish plot and can pray to God and petition to the Holy See for removal of these scheming prelates.

James M. Bendell, Attorney at Law

  • Board Member and Legal Counsel of Roman Catholic Faithful
    (a leading lay Catholic association fighting pedophilia and homosexuality in the clergy)
  • West Coast Affiliate, American Catholic Lawyers Association
  • Former Prosecutor and Trial Attorney

The Devil’s Final Battle

   Just a note to let you know that I’m finished The Devil’s Final Battle, and I think it’s a REMARKABLE book!

One nice thing about it is that it’s a great book for both the neophyte to Fatima and also for those who are familiar with the situation. For the neophyte, it provides a detailed story of the messages in a historical perspective, while driving home the serious implications of Our Lady’s requests. For those familiar with Fatima, it provides a good recap and, more importantly, it updates the entire situation right up to the present...AND makes all the proper ‘connections’ in a clear, forthright manner.

So many people think the differences between the pre- and post-Vatican II Church are just a matter of different ‘approaches’ to the Faith, but this book shows how the takeover of the Church after the Council was nothing short of demonic. I think it drives home the severity of the current situation, and how utterly ravaged the hierarchy has become, just as Our Lady foretold it would become at Fatima and La Salette.

It’s IMPOSSIBLE to understand 20th Century history without understanding what is contained in this book. How many people today think Communism is ‘dead’? What can be more chilling than the idea of Our Lady being dismissed as a force for world peace, and Gorbachev or the U.N. being installed in Her place?

This book is a MUST read...

Mark Alessio

The Devil’s Final Battle

  Let me say first that what you are doing takes great courage and a great love for God, His Word, His teachings and the souls of mankind. You have chosen the right course, the correct course, but certainly not the easy course. I will pray daily for you as I now pray daily for your mission, the mission of Our Lady of Fatima (to defeat Satan and to save souls), and for our beloved Church which no longer looks like the Church Jesus established.

Your book, The Devil’s Final Battle, came as a lifeline to me at a time when I had been praying for understanding. I was confused and sad and I felt lost in our Church. I felt sure our pastor was teaching a wrong message and leading souls to hell but was made to feel as though I was the one teaching the wrong message (I was teaching 7th grade CCD at the time). I went to the bishop and found no help there and I began to wonder about the bishop, although my talk with him wasn’t very clear. Then I began to wonder if perhaps I was paranoid.

You see, I left the Catholic Church when I was 16 (in 1959). My parents divorced and I went to live with my mother. She left the Catholic Church and went to some non-denominational church and I tagged along. For a very long time I was confused and guilty because "out there in the world" there were (are) no rules and I could do pretty much what I wanted to do without it being considered a sin. For a 16-year-old, this was enticing (perhaps age has nothing to do with that) and although I went along with the program (leaving the Church) I felt profoundly uncomfortable.

So I wasn’t around for Vatican II. And I didn’t come back to the Church until 1999. So I was "missing" for about 40 years, wandering, as it were, in the World. All I wanted when I returned was the loving comfort of my beloved Church with Her teachings and traditions. I had had enough of the World and its ways. And when I first came back to the Church, I thought it was the same for a while because I was still following the "old ways." But then a few things happened.

There was an announcement after Mass one Sunday calling for people to teach CCD and I literally felt pulled to volunteer. My life was already packed full with a husband, three children, a full-time "job" and if that doesn’t sound like a lot, let me tell you it is. But this was something I really wanted to do so I volunteered and was assigned the 7th grade to teach for 1.5 hours on Wednesday evenings.

The first year went okay until the last two classes. We used a book that I found unsatisfactory because it was all about becoming a disciple of Jesus but taught nothing about Jesus. It mentioned Jesus and talked about feeding the poor and other good works but never spoke about Jesus’ life, His miracles, or His death and resurrection and what that meant to us.

So I polled the class and asked them just what they knew about the Catholic Faith and found they knew almost nothing. I was appalled. Where was the richness of the Faith? What happened to the Beatitudes, the Ten Commandments, the real meaning of the Resurrection? They had absolutely no clue why Christ had died in the first place. They didn’t know about transubstantiation. These children were prime candidates for heresies such as "Christ is merely a man," or "the Eucharist is merely bread and water." They had not heard of miracles, nor of Fatima, had no idea of who any of the Saints are, had not heard of Purgatory and didn’t know they should pray for those who had died — that this was a Work of Mercy (a Work of Mercy, what’s that?). And they were absolutely unprotected from Satan because they knew nothing about him, his cunning, his deceptions, his lies and their guard was down. Heck, they had no idea they even had to guard against him.

Well, bless their hearts, they wanted to know, were excited to know more. So I wove in a movie about Fatima and tapes about miracles — Eucharistic miracles, healing miracles. The children ate it up. They were dumbfounded about Fatima and miracles and I was dumbfounded at how little we had prepared them for the World. At the end of the year, there were two "free" classes and we teachers could use them in any way we wanted. So I finished up about God’s heavenly angels, their Guardian Angel and the host of other "good" angels. My last class was all about Satan and his little band of demons. Well, that one did it. Of course, I was totally unaware I had done something unspeakable.

I was called into the Director’s office and told she had received several phone calls from angry parents. Why??? Well, I was told any talk about Satan "frightened" the children (I know now this was not the full truth). But how can they protect themselves from him if they don’t know about him and what he’s up to? Lots of double talk from the Director followed, but the bottom line was that somehow I was teaching false doctrine and should stay strictly with the book.

The following year (my last to teach CCD though I didn’t know it then) I stayed with the book — somewhat — but added in vignettes about the life of Christ. I felt compelled to give these children a tiny drop of the beauty of the Catholic Church, a seed that God could water after they left the class and once they entered the World unarmed. I felt their souls were at stake — and I had no idea at the time what was going on in the Church, the crisis of the Faith. I asked myself if I wasn’t being a bit dramatic and I answered myself clearly that I was not. I felt (feel) very strongly that their souls and those of their families (and the world I now see) were at stake.

Well, all this confused me. Needless to say, at the end of the CCD year, I was told that "I was not invited to return to teach." I guess I’m one of the first volunteers in history to be fired from a really hard, non-paying job. I was very, very hurt. And I was made to feel that I was some sort of heretic. I was even told by the Director that she had stood outside my closed classroom door listening to what I was teaching. She didn’t hear anything condemning but was certain that I had put my own "spin" on things. When I repeated Jesus’ words to her, words written in the Holy Bible, I was accused to being a Fundamentalist! The priest even told me to "Watch it!" in regard to teaching the 7th graders religion and he said it in such a way that I felt first shocked and then threatened. I began praying for him because I felt the burden for his soul would be so much greater for leading so many souls astray.

So I knew something was wrong. I just didn’t know what. I didn’t know if it concerned the entire Catholic Church or if it was only the church I was attending or if it had to do with the liberal ways of California which had, perhaps, slipped into Church doctrine. So I started to research. I had a feeling that "something" must have happened at Vatican II because things were fine, clear before that when I was attending church and Catholic school, all prior to 1960. I even bought a tape on Cardinal Suenens who seemed to be very influential at Vatican II. I didn’t like what I saw but I could not quite get a "handle" on what "it" was that was wrong.

It seemed to me that the problem had to do with Liberalism and that it had somehow infiltrated the Church. I found a truly wonderful book entitled Liberalism is a Sin by Father Felix Sarda Y Salvany originally published in 1899 and reprinted in 1979 and 1989 by TAN books. It contains an Imprimatur from John J. Kain, Archbishop of St. Louis, June 30, 1899. In a nutshell, it seemed to me that liberalism puffed man up to be the "center of the universe," the sole power in charge, and the one best to make his own decisions. Man looks only to himself as the prime maker of rules, the law. In effect, it put man above God, if it, in fact, even recognized God.

It seemed Modernism had crept in too. After researching Modernism (I knew nothing about it) I think in a nutshell it means that man is now so much more enlightened. We know about science. We are so much more intelligent. Social values have changed. So that means God has to change too to meet the needs of modern man. Or, the Church must change the way in which She relates to modern man by changing Her traditions, rules, laws, doctrine, to meet modern man’s needs. What a disillusionment! It’s a lie sowed by Satan who is the master of deceit and confusion.

Well, I knew that all this could be stopped if the Pope would just consecrate Russia to the Immaculate Heart. My husband asked me why he hadn’t and I said I thought many of the bishops refused to go along. I thought this horrible because we all answer to the Pope. I couldn’t tell him why or how any priest or bishop could refuse. He is the Vicar of Christ.

Now, after reading The Devil’s Final Battle, it is far more clear to me, although I still don’t know why the Pope doesn’t just stand up and take the reins that Christ gave to him. Is it because he’s very old, in poor health and weak? But he was young and strong once. Why not then? Is he threatened in some way? After all, Pope John Paul I was alive only 33 days and he was strong and a warrior for Christ. Or is it because he, too, is a good man disillusioned into following the wrong path? I find this last explanation difficult to believe.

When The Devil’s Final Battle came in the mail, Father, I began to read it and I could not put it down. I went running to my husband shouting, "See, see, this is what it’s all about. This is why things are what they are."

I finished reading the book in about four days, Father, and the very first effect it had on me was to lead me to prayer. I promised God I would attend Mass every day and offer it to Him along with His suffering for the sins of the world, along with your prayers. I will continue praying for the Message of Fatima to be revealed and for Russia to be consecrated to the Immaculate Heart of Mary. The second thing I did was to start praying the Rosary every day. I just didn’t realize how very serious it all is, how very deep runs the deceptions and evil, and how short the time is.

And now I worry for the souls of my children and their children. I worry about the annihilation of nations and the fact that so many good souls are slipping into the Abyss. They have been tricked and deceived, and although I realize that at some point they made the decision to follow the "new ways" of the Church, many may have done so unwittingly, without knowing truly what is at stake.

Padre Pio said, "The Rosary is THE weapon," after the Mass. So these are the first two weapons I have chosen. I am reminded that the pen is mightier than the sword. And it is! I feel strongly, as I am sure you must, that The Devil’s Final Battle must get into as many hands as possible, especially priests and religious. It is one of the most profound books I have ever read and it took tremendous courage on your part to print it. I would like to purchase additional copies that I might start getting it out to several priests in my area and I would also like to send it to the bishop and the Cardinals of Los Angeles and Orange counties. How can I do this? Have you printed additional copies yet?

I am enclosing your petition with several signatures. I believe the Vatican must be bombarded with paper, tons and tons of paper for God. I feel this message must get out to the World, but the World is slow to hear. I believe they will begin to "hear" with your book. However, many priests and bishops will be angry and resistive. Others will be fearful. I don' t know who will be courageous. But I don' t believe we should worry about that. Just leave that to Our Lady. She will ask Jesus to soften hearts. We need only to do our part.

Spreading copies of The Devil’s Final Battle to priests, bishops, Cardinals and lay people is, I believe, one of the best ways to wake up Catholics from our 40-year slumber.

I am yours in Christ,

Cheryl Cotton, CA

The Devil’s Final Battle

  I just received a book The Devil’s Final Battle [edited and compiled] by Fr. Paul Kramer. In it he spells out in great detail the when, where, how and by who, about the Superforce, the satanic forces or the "smoke of satan" that Our Blessed Mother WARNED us about at Fatima in 1917.

I could not put the book down. It was sent to a few people to get their impression of the book before it goes public. It is one of the best books I have ever read. In the book Fr. Kramer tells us the time to choose between "Good and Evil" is NOW. Don’t wait any longer. He goes on to say even though our choice is to do good and live according to the Gospel, we must also resist the evil. He says in Chapter 16:

As members of the Mystical Body of Christ, we have a duty to combat the current crisis. We must reject the advice of those who tell us to indulge in the gross presumption that "God is in charge of the Church", by which they mean that we must do nothing to oppose error and injustice perpetrated by members of the hierarchy, but blindly submit to every decision of authority, no matter how destructive its consequences.

A little further on in the same chapter he says:

Quite simply, as Pope St. Felix III declared: "Not to oppose error is to approve it; and to not defend truth is to suppress it." Members of the laity and lower-ranking clergy are not exempt from that injunction. All the members of the Church are subject to it.

I believe that charge is leveled at us regarding our government as well.

In the book he speaks in depth on the Third Secret of Fatima and I concurred with what he said. Everything I put in this letter on the release of the Third Secret agreed with his — only his was in greater depth. Including the fact that Russia has never been consecrated to the Immaculate Heart of Mary like She requested at Fatima. The Pope’s consecration of the world in 1984 DID NOT fulfill Our Blessed Mother’s request that the Pope in union with the bishops of the world at the same time consecrate Russia to the Immaculate Heart of Mary. In 1984 the Pope didn’t mention Russia and the bishops didn’t do it with him at the same time. Clerics in the Vatican have lied to us for their expediency.

Fr. Kramer draws our attention to eleven lies these clerics have propagated upon us. I won’t go into detail in this letter. I recommend you get the book and read them for yourself.

God Bless you all,

John Francis, OH,

extracts from The Apostles of the Pope newsletter

The Devil’s Final Battle


  The scandalous disclosures which have rocked the Catholic world in recent years have proved that all right-thinking people are no longer prepared to be ‘fobbed off’ with unsatisfactory explanations or fed blatant untruths which are considered to be expedient in order to cover up what is not acceptable in polite society. The consensus of opinion now is that such people, no matter what their rank or station in life may be — including those within the Hierarchy of the Church — must be exposed and held accountable for their wrong-doing.

The scandals which have hit the head-lines throughout the world are shocking indeed but perhaps even more shocking is the deliberate suppression of truth and the falsification of information being fed to the Catholic Faithful ... and, sad to say, even to a very large number of Priests by their Superiors for reasons which it is hard to even try to imagine.

Some time ago, Sr. Lucy of Fatima said ... "She (the Blessed Virgin Mary) told me that the devil is in the mood for engaging in a decisive battle against the Virgin. And a decisive battle is the final battle where one side will be victorious and the other side will suffer defeat. Also, from now on we must choose sides. Either we are for God or we are for the devil. There is no other possibility."

Clearly, the book under review takes its title from these words of the Fatima visionary who, together with her cousins Francisco and Jacinta, were entrusted with messages for the whole world and prophecies which, in addition to being explicit and clear enough for everybody to understand, included also details of what would happen if Our Lady’s requests were not complied with. In later Apparitions, Our Lord endorsed the stern warnings given by His Mother and added His own declaration, addressed specifically to the Hierarchy, as to what will happen if they continue to disregard the requirements made known to them by Our Lady of Fatima through Sr. Lucy.

There are claims and counter-claims regarding Our Lady’s stipulation that God sent Her to Sr. Lucy in 1929 to ask for the specific Consecration of Russia to Her Immaculate Heart. On the 13th May 2000, when the Pope was in Fatima for the Beatification of Francisco and Jacinta, he also made known the fact that the "Third Secret" which, at Our Lady’s request and command, should have been given to the world in 1960, was finally to be revealed. On the 26th June 2000, a lengthy explanatory document was published to accompany what was, in fact, Sr. Lucy’s account — written on several pages in her notebook — of the vision given to the children but omitting the actual "Secret" — the words spoken by Our Lady to accompany and explain this vision which words, as testified to by her Bishop at that time, were written on a single sheet of paper.


On-going and increasingly virulent endeavours are being made to consign Fatima and all that it involves, to the past whilst, at the same time, stating that the whole thing might well have been a fabrication on the part of the three children, naming Lucy in particular. Those responsible are feeding the poison of untruth to very confused Catholics. Now, through this powerful, revealing and essential book, all Catholics can establish for themselves, the indisputable facts against which there are no arguments.


This book — "The Devil's Final Battle" — is an eye-opener for all who seek to know the truth concerning Fatima. It is a revelation of well-documented facts against which there is no possible argument. Today, none of us can afford to turn away from the truth because it is more comfortable to do so. Taking the easy road and the line of least resistance is not going to change what lies ahead, as foretold by Our Lady at Fatima. Because of what we have seen taking place in recent decades, we know the severity of chastisement through the forces of nature — floods, famine, earthquakes and tornadoes, all of which have taken a very great toll in human life. Blindly accepting whatever is fed to us — either verbally by those who dare to do so or through the printed word, published by those who have not sought to verify the truth or otherwise of the poison that is being submitted to them for publication — is not going to change or remove what lies ahead if we continue in our failure to comply with Our Lady’s requests and the demands made by God Himself through Mary.

I quote again, the words of Sr. Lucy ... "Also, from now on we must choose sides. Either we are for God or we are for the devil. There is no other possibility." In this case, the word ‘we’ includes you ... and me. We all need to know the truth — we all need to seek out the facts so that when we are confronted with written articles in newspapers — including our time-honoured Catholic papers — or have to listen to verbal protestations from others, we will not crumble like a sand-castle but stand firm, fortified by our knowledge of the truth, the facts and what is really happening in the Church today. This book concerns not only our eternal salvation but also our physical well-being and safety and that which seems perpetually beyond the reach of governments, politicians and armies ... peace in the world in which we live.

Just as those responsible for the scandals in the Church are now being revealed and held responsible, so too, through this courageous book which just had to be written, are those responsible for causing confusion through falsification and deliberate mis-representation of the facts, being unmasked so that we — Our Lady's children on earth — can make our voices heard in Her defence and in defence of Her messages and requests.

Just as, before God, this book had to be written ... so too, for the good of our souls and our families — it has to be read.

N.M.B., Ireland, Franciscan Tertiary

  • Has researched and written, since the mid-1960s, on Fatima and the urgent Message of Our Blessed Mother.

The Devil’s Final Battle

   It is a book that MUST be read by the widest range of people, including priests, bishops and, of course, Cardinals. It is truly a block-buster and must be known by all, especially Catholics.

Frank Feldhusesn, AZ

This book is vital for our times, actually it’s crucial.
Carol A. Chavez, KS

If you want to understand the world and the role of satan, read this book.
Bob Golkowski

This book should be read by every Catholic who deserves the facts and information contained in this book.
John A. Luccio, DC

The book is extremely well written and masterfully edited and compiled. Moreover, it convincingly argues that this betrayal will bring with it ever increasing dangers, both physical and spiritual, until the consecration of Russia to the Immaculate Heart is accomplished as Mary has asked.
Robert B. Brine, CA

The book says it all.
John D. Bieker, OR

This book tells the truth and, as we know, it is the truth that will set us free.
Don Campagna, CA

This book is so relevant to the world situation today everyone should read it to come out of the darkness that surrounds us.
Mary-Ann Connelly

This is a very informative book. The truth about the much needed information about the message of Fatima. Everyone needs to read this book.
Rose Meighen, GA

Every Christian should have a copy of this book in his library. The truth is not something to be ashamed of.
Terry Mraz, MN

I feel that this book, The Devil’s Final Battle, is the most important book ever written. In the stroke of its pen it speaks in unwavering truth.
Dennis A. Nelson, MT

A must read for ALL Catholics.
Des Brady, ON

Fascinating and filled with truth, it is essential reading.
David P. Help, OR

This book should be in the hands of every Catholic.
Irene Kinzel, AB

This book scares me. I mean deep inside, because I can see the truth of what is being said and people (in general) don’t seem to care a lot about what God wants as opposed to what they want.
Dustin and Michelle Lower, WA

This is the most important book of our times. A dire warning to all people regarding mankind in this sinful world today.
Diane C. Burkland, FL

From the moment I received your package with the book The Devil’s Final Battle I knew what I was opening was of great importance. Your book neatly answers the questions which a busy Catholic mother should be concerned with in order to help form her children on a daily basis and also for their future life in the heart of the Church.
Mrs. Anita Marie Jeffery, NV

I have read The Devil’s Final Battle, a masterpiece of monumental achievement, with the impression it should be the concern of every human being on the face of the earth.
Helen Brink, AB

Father, I will praise this wondrous work to anyone who will hear me, for such truth I’ve never seen it written so well.
Mrs. Simone Daoust, ON

This book is a creative effort to inspire and stimulate people to come to the truth and enrich their spiritual lives.
John A. Cox, CA

I found the book to be very informative and it helps explain why the Church is in shambles today. Twenty years ago I don’t think it would have been believable, but the veil is lifting and we can see the "fruits" of VCII.
Patterson, NH

I’m completely amazed at how clearly this info has been just what I’ve been needing. Already I feel enlightened as far as being better able to understand the Fatima Message and its history.
Charles and Genevieve

The post-conciliar Catholic who reads the Catholic Truths written in this book will have a choice: either make an act of humility, acknowledge his error, and accept the grace of knowing the truth, and save his soul, or make an act of defiance to own reason and intellect and to Our Lord and endanger it.
Erik Serafin, KS

The truth needs to be told and this book holds the truth. Every Cardinal, bishop, priest, lay people should have this book.
Mrs. Kathrine ManuHides, MT

Now it is clear, the changes in the Church taking place.
John Nisky, FL

It is wonderful, exciting, factual, and overdue in time. It explains so much about everything and why Vatican II had such a profound and disastrous effect on our Faith life. I believe Father Paul Kramer has been inspired by the Holy Spirit to bring this knowledge to the world in one format.
Beverly Snow, MI

Every person should read this wonderful book as it is the ONLY THING that will save our world.
Emil Soljack, CA

The truth is a healing balm to the battle weary. Father Kramer’s book will invigorate your resolve. Our Lady has come in Her battle array. Her victory is within the pages of this book.
Nellie Villegas, BC

This should wake up the people of the Catholic Church so more people can know what’s going on.
Teresa M. Campbell, AZ

Fantastic. Excellent. Spellbinding. Every Roman Catholic should read this book!!
Anthony Cieslokowski, PA

Read this book and then pray, pray with all your hearts.
Margarethe A. Ellis, ON

This book’s revelations should be read.
James and Irene Fahlman, SK

This is a "must read" for all who cherish the faith of our Fathers.
Jon Francis, OH

Thank you so much for giving me the opportunity to read this book. Reading it all together really made a big impact. Thank you again.
Linda L. Hughes, CA

This is the most important book I have ever read. Many repetitions have been included and I think this is a good idea, to impress us as to the vital importants.
Ernest H. Kinzel, AB

This is good to read a book that is straightforward, factual and one you can keep track of what is being said. The Devil’s Final Battle should be read by all who have an interest in what is true.
Bill Kottes, MN

I believe this is the most important book to come out on Our Lady’s Message of Fatima. This book may be our refuge at last.
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph B. Fite Jr, PA

Excellent book. Very informative and thought provoking. A must read for all Catholics, especially the younger generations who have been denied the true teachings of the Church!
J. Wilson, ON

This is the best book we have read on Fatima and the turmoil within the Catholic Church.
Mr. and Mrs. Max and Sharon Bierek, OR

This book should be read by every Catholic. It explains everything that has been going on in the Church in a very clear and factual way.
Gail Brady

If ever there was a duty imposed on each and every Catholic today to act on a command from God in order to sustain His most cherishable benefits (now being more trampled upon in all wicked manner), it would be the actions called for in this book.
Marc Bedard, ME

A renewed realization of the urgency of our destiny.
Diane Bertin, NH

Tell it. Tell it. Tell it and pass the book. May all who read this magnificent, informational, soul saving endeavor become permanent "Amicus Curiae" friends of the supreme court, the throne of God Who is the final judge in all soul proceedings.
Letty Dunning, CA

It makes people realize the devil is the enemy to contend with. I think this is the only answer to the countless number of dangerous problems this world faces. God’s timing is always right.
Ruth Marie Dobratz, OR

DFB is a "tell all" treatise that leaves no room for argument or rebuttals. The facts are laid out for all to realize that the Catholic Church is in the hands of a few with dangerous ideas.
D’Arcy Drachenberg, BC

I believe this book is a must. People, both Catholics and non-Catholics, are amazed at the downfall of OUR CHURCH.
Conrad L. Dupont, VA

The Devil’s Final Battle is the best, all-encompassing book to read regarding the Consecration (or in this case, non-Consecration) of Russia. We have known for years that the Vatican is full of Masons, mystery and intrigue and this book puts it all together in one nice package. It should be read by every bishop, priest, congressman, lay person and the Holy Father. It has as much suspense as a fiction book but it’s true. I couldn’t put it down.
Mrs. Donna Craig, CA

This book is very bold but extremely relevant and necessary in these times we live in at the moment. I feel that you covered the entire situation as it exists very well and completely. I think that all the Cardinals, bishops, priests, teachers, politicians, in the US and Canada and the world, should read this book.
Joseph H. Carbaat

The book is a "must read" by all of the bishops and priests to keep our nation protected from satan.
Mrs. Phyllis Chevier, IN

It’s all true and evil people don’t like the truth.
Mary G. Gadbury, MN

This book needs to be read by every Catholic, especially priests, bishops, Cardinals in the world, also the young people who don’t know anything about Fatima. By young I mean anyone below 40.
Mr. and Mrs. Al Glose, WA

The Message of Fatima is a message of salvation if we listen to it or damnation if we don’t. The book is a real eye opener to who is behind suppressing the message and should be read by all.
Mrs. Nancy Fahrman, PA

This provocative book gives a comprehensive look at the Fatima Message and focuses on the conspiracy which is preventing the Consecration of Russia to the Immaculate Heart of Mary.
Madeline Frazer, BC

The money I give to this project is the best way I know to leave my children and grandchildren a safer, more peaceful, just and kind world.
Eric Eckman, OK

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