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Chapter 18

What You Can Do Right Now!      

       Besides obeying Our Lady of Fatima's requests to you personally, among which is praying the Rosary every day, another practical action you can take is to photocopy and sign the following petition and send it to the publisher of this book, who will forward it to the Pope.

       The petition also serves as a summary of the basic claims put forth in this book, and can be used to send photocopies to educate others who may not have the time or inclination to read the book in its entirety.

Petition to the Supreme Pontiff,
His Holiness John Paul II,
—concerning the actions of—
Cardinal Angelo Sodano, Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger,
Cardinal Dario Castrillón Hoyos
and Msgr. Tarcisio Bertone

Holy Father:

       We, being faithful members of the Holy Catholic Church, are compelled in conscience to submit this Petition to Your Holiness, who is the final judge of matters in controversy in the Church.

       This Petition is an extraordinary action by Catholics who have no representative to intercede for them before Your Holiness in the midst of the unprecedented crisis of faith and discipline that has followed the Second Vatican Council.

       This Petition is an exercise of our God-given right as baptized Catholics to make direct recourse to the Supreme Pontiff, without any intervening canonical procedures. (First Vatican Council - 1870 A.D., Dz. 1830, D.S. 3063; Second Council of Lyons - 1274 A.D., Dz. 466; 1983 Code of Canon Law, can. 212, can. 1417 § 1)

       The grounds for this Petition are contained in the study entitled The Devil's Final Battle. This document presents compelling evidence and well-founded accusations against Cardinal Angelo Sodano, Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger, Cardinal Dario Castrillón Hoyos and Msgr. Tarcisio Bertone (the accused), all of whom belong to the Vatican apparatus which is supposed to assist Your Holiness in the just and prudent governance of the Church.

       Having considered the evidence, we are persuaded to a moral certainty of the following things:

       First, the Messsage of Fatima is a vital prophecy for our time, whose veracity has been placed beyond all doubt by the absolutely extraordinary circumstances of its revelation (including a public miracle witnessed by 70,000 people), its approval as authentic by competent Church authorities, its acceptance by and incorporation into the life of the Church, and by the very statements and actions of Your Holiness himself, including the institution of the Feast of Our Lady of Fatima on May 13 in the Church's liturgical calendar.

       Second, the accused (and numerous collaborators) have combined and conspired to attempt to impose upon the Church, through misinterpretation, obscurantism and outright concealment, an understanding of the Message of Fatima that would deprive the Message entirely of its specifically Catholic prophetic content. In particular (and with the aid of a “theological commentary” by Cardinal Ratzinger), the accused have perpetrated an “interpretation” of the Message which:

       (a) dispenses with the Consecration of Russia requested by Our Lady of Fatima and arbitrarily replaces it with a consecration of the world, from which any mention of Russia has been deliberately omitted for shallow political reasons.

       (b) fraudulently represents that the Triumph of the Immaculate Heart, which the Virgin prophesied would follow the Consecration of Russia, means nothing more than the Virgin's fiat in agreeing to become the Mother of God 2,000 years ago.

       (c) dares to equate the one and only Immaculate Heart of Mary with the heart of anyone numbered among the “pure of heart” in the limited sense of the Beatitudes, while reducing devotion to the Immaculate Heart (which Our Lady of Fatima said God wishes to establish in the world) to nothing more than seeking “interior union” with God.

       (d) ludicrously asserts that the visional aspect of the Third Secret, which depicts the Pope and numerous members of the hierarchy being executed by a band of soldiers outside a ruined city, signifies nothing more than Your Holiness escaping death at the hands of a lone assassin some 21 years ago.

       (e) concludes (based on these “interpretations”) that the events depicted in the Third Secret, and thus the Message of Fatima as a whole, “belong to the past.”

       Third, the accused have acted with the motive of sacrificing the Message of Fatima, with its explicitly Catholic prophetic content, to a new worldly, liberalized, ecumenical, pan-religious orientation of the Church, which the accused and their many collaborators unswervingly promote in the name of Vatican II. The new orientation is the result of “the demolition of bastions” that Cardinal Ratzinger himself has praised.

       Fourth, the accused and their collaborators have, above all, systematically prevented the Consecration of Russia to the Immaculate Heart of Mary, which the new orientation excludes as a needless “provocation” of the Russian Orthodox Church and a threat to the newfangled “ecumenism” and “dialogue”—utter novelties that have produced no good fruits whatever, but only continued opposition to the Church in Russia and elsewhere.

       Fifth, the new orientation represents the substantial attainment of the openly professed goal of the Church's worst enemies, as various Popes and prelates warned before the Council. That goal is to liberalize and “instrumentalize” the Church so that She will not only cease to resist effectively, but actually lend Herself, to the process of universal secularization and apostasy that has destroyed much of former Christendom and now threatens to subjugate the whole world to a universal secular collective, in which the Church will cease to have any real authority or influence.

       Sixth, not surprisingly, the “demolition of bastions” commended by Cardinal Ratzinger has produced only confusion, loss of faith and discipline, and ruin to the commonwealth of the Church, of which the current worldwide sexual scandal among priests and bishops is only one of innumerable manifestations. As even Pope Paul VI was forced to admit shortly after the Council: “The smoke of satan has entered into the Church. … The opening to the world has become a veritable invasion of the Church by worldly thinking. We have perhaps been too weak and imprudent.” The very state of affairs foreseen by Pope Pius XII in the light of Fatima (see, Seventh) has, as anyone can see, come to pass.

       Seventh, in an attempt to cover up the complicity of the Vatican apparatus in the current ecclesial debacle, the accused have fraudulently withheld from the Church and the world a text which appertains to the Third Secret of Fatima. This text in all likelihood contains the missing words of the Virgin following Her incomplete statement in the Fourth Memoir of Sister Lucia: “In Portugal the dogma of the faith will always be preserved etc.”—words which we are convinced predict the current crisis in the Church and provide the means to avoid or end it. As the future Pope Pius XII predicted in light of the Message of Fatima:

       I am worried by the Blessed Virgin's messages to Lucy of Fatima. This persistence of Mary about the dangers which menace the Church is a divine warning against the suicide of altering the Faith, in Her liturgy, Her theology and Her soul. … A day will come when the civilized world will deny its God, when the Church will doubt as Peter doubted. She will be tempted to believe that man has become God. In our churches, Christians will search in vain for the red lamp where God awaits them. Like Mary Magdalene, weeping before the empty tomb, they will ask, “Where have they taken Him?”

       What Pope Pius XII foresaw has happened. And given that he foresaw these developments in light of Fatima, they must have been mentioned in the Third Secret, since the portions of the Message of Fatima thus far disclosed say nothing about such events in the Church.

       Your Holiness yourself seems to have alluded to the Third Secret in your sermon at Fatima on May 13, 2000, which warns the Church to beware of the tail of the dragon that drags one-third of the stars (commonly interpreted as the consecrated souls of priests and religious) from Heaven. It appears Your Holiness has been constrained by your advisors, including one or more of the accused, to confine yourself to this veiled reference to a hitherto undisclosed portion of the Third Secret, whose full disclosure your advisors have prevented Your Holiness from making.

       Eighth, in their pursuit of the new orientation, the accused (with the particular assistance of Cardinal Castrillón, acting as head of the Congregation for the Clergy) have persecuted and attempted to ostracize from the community of the faithful Father Nicholas Gruner, who represents legitimate opposition to their attempt to do away with the Message of Fatima in its traditional Catholic sense. At the same time, the accused and their collaborators fail to impose any effective discipline upon the true enemies of the Church within Her structure, who (to recall the lamentations of Pope Paul VI) have opened the Church to the smoke of satan and led the invasion of the Church by worldly thinking.

       Ninth, in an effort to maintain their false interpretation of the Message of Fatima, the accused have imposed an unjust regime of silence and secrecy upon Sister Lucy, while attempting to pressure her into embracing their false interpretation. Meanwhile, no objective party is allowed access to Sister Lucy in order to investigate alleged sudden “changes” in her unwavering testimony, for more than 60 years, that the Virgin of Fatima requested the consecration of Russia only, not the world, precisely because God wished the world to know that it was the power of His grace, mediated through the Blessed Virgin, which had miraculously converted Russia to the Catholic Faith. Further, nearly all of the 24 volumes of Fatima documents compiled by Father Alonso, which undoubtedly answer many questions about the Third Secret and the Message of Fatima as a whole, remain under lock and key more than 25 years after their completion.

       Tenth, this veritable conspiracy of the accused to rob the Church of the benefits of the authentic Message of Fatima has prevented the Church from accomplishing what the Virgin of Fatima requested: the Consecration of Russia—by name—to the Immaculate Heart of Mary, the consequent conversion of Russia, the Triumph of the Immaculate Heart, the salvation of many souls, and peace in the world. (“If My requests are granted, many souls will be saved and there will be peace. … In the end, My Immaculate Heart will triumph. The Holy Father will consecrate Russia to Me, which will be converted, and a certain period of peace will be granted to the world.”)

       Eleventh, as the direct result of the actions of the accused, the Church and the entire world have suffered the loss of untold temporal and spiritual benefits, which are only faintly suggested by the miraculous transformation of Portugal following the public consecration of that nation to the Immaculate Heart of Mary in 1931—benefits which the Patriarch of Portugal at the time and Sister Lucy both declared would spread throughout the world if Russia were likewise consecrated.

       Twelfth, whatever their subjective intention may be, the accused have committed what is, objectively speaking, an incalculable crime against the Church and humanity. Their subversion of the Message of Fatima exposes us all to the imminent threat of wars, famine, further persecutions of the Church, further suffering for Your Holiness or your successor, the annihilation of various nations, and the loss of millions more souls—all of which Our Lady of Fatima warned would follow from a refusal to honor Her requests.

       Thirteenth, for these reasons, the continued exercise of authority by the accused represents a clear and present danger to the Church and the world, which only Your Holiness can address.

       Therefore, we urgently petition Your Holiness for the following relief:

  • The immediate consecration of Russia, by name, to the Immaculate Heart of Mary, by Your Holiness together with all the world's bishops in a solemn public ceremony.
  • The full disclosure of the Third Secret of Fatima, including the words of the Virgin that describe the vision published on June 26, 2000.
  • An end to the silence and secrecy imposed upon Sister Lucia of Fatima, so that she may speak to objective witnesses, freely and without intimidation.
  • The publication of Father Alonso's entire 24 volumes of documents pertaining to the Message of Fatima, which have been suppressed since 1975.
  • The removal of the accused from their respective offices, and their replacement with prelates who will cooperate with the Holy Father in honoring the Virgin of Fatima's requests, rather than attempting to make the heavenly Message of Fatima conform to the fallible human decisions that have given us the ruinous new orientation of the Church.
  • An end to the persecution of Father Nicholas Gruner, as well as other faithful priests who rightly persevere in the traditional teaching and practices of the Church, and who in conscience resist the new orientation (including the attempted de-Catholicization of the Message of Fatima).
  • Immediate Vatican intervention, through apostolic visitations, investigations, and prompt disciplinary measures in order to punish the guilty, rather than the innocent, and restore the many elements of Catholic tradition (including traditional seminary life and priestly formation) that have been abandoned in the pursuit of the new orientation since Vatican II. This process must obviously begin with real, effective action by the Vatican to rid Catholic seminaries, parishes and chancery offices of the homosexual and pedophile infiltrators who have injured countless innocent victims and brought disgrace to the Church.
  • Promotion of the First Saturday devotion and the daily worldwide recitation of the Rosary for an end to the crisis in the Church and the world.

       This is our Petition to Your Holiness. We submit it with all due respect and reverence for your exalted office as Vicar of Christ, but also with all the insistence that our perilous situation demands. For the present suffering of the Church and the world are as nothing compared to what will ensue if there is no correction of the course charted by those who have despised the prophecy of Our Lady of Fatima.

Your faithful subjects in Christ,

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