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Chapter 15

Counting the Cost

        "In the end, My Immaculate Heart will triumph. The Holy Father will consecrate Russia to Me, and she will be converted, and a period of peace will be granted to the world." So the Mother of God promised at Fatima.

        But something has gone wrong. The Fatima prophecies, fulfilled unerringly in every other respect, have not been fulfilled here. Did the Mother of God mislead us? Or is it, rather, certain men who have misled us?

        On March 3, 2002, Time magazine reported that "a month after the Sept. 11 attacks, top federal officials feared a nuclear weapon obtained from the Russian arsenal was being smuggled into New York. The White House’s Counterterrorism Security Group, part of the National Security Council, was alerted to the danger through a report by an agent code-named DRAGONFIRE, according to the magazine, but New York officials and senior FBI officials were not informed in an effort to avoid panic."

        Although the report later proved to be inaccurate, in Washington, D.C. a "shadow government" has been installed in underground bunkers, and nuclear detectors have been arrayed at key locations throughout the United States in anticipation of what the President and his advisors believe to be an inevitable, and far more deadly, attack by Islamic terrorists. As The Washington Post reported on March 3, 2002: "Alarmed by growing hints of al Qaeda’s progress toward obtaining a nuclear or radiological weapon, the Bush administration has deployed hundreds of sophisticated sensors since November to U.S. borders, overseas facilities and choke points around Washington. It has placed the Delta Force, the nation’s elite commando unit, on a new standby alert to seize control of nuclear materials that the sensors may detect."

        Based on fallible human intelligence reports, political leaders show sufficient prudence to prepare for the worst, which they know is coming. But the Fatima revisionists in the Vatican apparatus, following the Sodano Party Line, tell us that we may safely disregard heavenly intelligence from an infallible source, which warns us of the annihilation of nations. Worse, they hide from the Church a vital portion of that heavenly intelligence report—the still-missing words of the Third Secret—while assuring us that everything has been revealed. And it seems that as the world hurtles towards disaster, there is no short supply of useful idiots in the Church, who are only too happy to parrot the Party Line while helpfully denouncing anyone who questions it.

        Consider that as of this writing, it has been eighteen years since the supposed consecration of Russia on March 25, 1984—in a Vatican ceremony from which any mention of Russia was deliberately omitted. Over the past eighteen years there has been no triumph of the Immaculate Heart, and Russia has not converted. Quite the contrary, during the same period of time the Vatican apparatus has openly repudiated, as "outdated ecclesiology", any attempt to seek Catholic converts in Russia.

        In Russia and throughout the world the abortion holocaust burns ever higher in the sight of God. There have been at least 600 million victims of the war on the unborn since the "consecration" of 1984, the blood of every victim crying out to Heaven for vengeance.

        Yet it seems that not even the catastrophe of September 11, 2001, or the threat of worse to come, will deter the Vatican apparatus from its pursuit of the new "post-Fatima" orientation of the Church. Instead of the consecration of Russia, the Vatican staged another pan-religious prayer meeting: the World Day of Prayer for Peace at Assisi on January 24, 2002. Catholics, Orthodox, Protestants, Hindus, Muslims, Jews, African animists, Buddhists, Shintoists, Confucians, Tenrikyoists and Zoroastrians were shuttled from the Vatican to Assisi in what L’Osservatore Romano called "a peace train." The "representatives of the world’s religions", including a witch doctor, all gave sermons on world peace from a large wooden pulpit set up in the lower plaza of the Basilica of Saint Francis. As part of the event, each non-Christian "religion" was given a room in the Sacred Convent of Saint Francis to perform pagan rituals and offer prayers for peace to various gods and spirits. At the end of the event, the "representatives of the world’s religions" placed little burning oil lamps on a table to symbolize their supposed commitment to interreligious brotherhood and world peace, and then went home.

        Afterwards there was, of course, no peace. On the very next day the Israelis began bombing Palestinian targets, as the Arab-Israeli conflict continued to hurtle toward all-out war, while India tested a nuclear missile. Over the next few weeks, the Hindus and Muslims whose "representatives" had gone to Assisi to deposit their oil lamps on the table began slaughtering each other in western India; the death toll in just three days of riots was nearly 300.1

        No peace in the world, and no peace in Russia. Rather, as Pope John Paul II said at Fatima in 1982, we are confronted with "almost apocalyptic menaces looming over the nations and mankind as a whole." This is the consequence of ignoring the warnings in the heavenly intelligence report conveyed to the world at Fatima.

        And what of peace within the Church Herself? Here too the Virgin of Fatima gave us a warning. Here too it was disregarded by the men who tell us that the Third Secret of Fatima "belongs to the past." Today the corruption and collapse of the Church’s human element over the past forty years is erupting into full view for the entire world to chronicle daily and mock to scorn. This is happening because churchmen themselves have spurned the Message of Fatima, which gave us the means to know in advance and take measures to avoid the homosexual infiltration of the priesthood that is now raging out of control.

        It has long been known that the majority of Catholics, the victims of decades of senseless liturgical and ecumenical "reforms", no longer possess a faith in the Holy Eucharist and no longer regard their Church as any different in essence from a Protestant denomination; nor do they feel obliged to follow the Church’s teaching on marriage and procreation. But in the year 2002 the Church would suffer another devastating blow to Her credibility.

        As this book was being written, the press was exposing the massive pedophile scandal in the Archdiocese of Boston—where Cardinal Law had been hiding the activities of priestly predators for decades. Evidently in a panic over potential liability, diocese after diocese in North America has suddenly begun submitting lists of priests suspected of sexual abuse to law enforcement authorities—after years of hiding this information from the victims and their families and shifting the perpetrators from one place to another. The diocese-by-diocese review of priestly sexual abuse of little boys was provided in cover stories by Newsweek and National Review and in a host of stories in national and local newspapers. One can only imagine what lies beneath the tip of this iceberg.

        The seminaries and convents of North America and Europe are practically empty or closed, except for those operated by small "traditionalist" orders (like the SSPX and the Priestly Fraternity of Saint Peter) which follow "the old ways". There are not nearly enough vocations to replace the older priests who are dying or retiring in the "mainstream" Church. And it is widely known that among the few men who do enter "mainstream" seminaries that adhere to the post-conciliar "reforms", a very large percentage is homosexual. Father Donald Cozzens, head of Saint Mary’s Seminary in Cleveland, Ohio, was only admitting what everyone can see when he observed in his book The Changing Face of the Catholic Priesthood that:

        At issue at the beginning of the 21st century is the growing perception that the priesthood is, or is becoming, a gay profession … Heterosexual seminarians are made uncomfortable by the number of gays around them. … The straight seminarian feels out of place and may interpret his inner destabilization as a sign that he does not have a vocation for the priesthood. … The sexual contacts and romantic unions among gay seminarians create intense and complicated webs of intrigue and jealousy.2

        The plague of sexual abuse and perversion among the priesthood is hardly limited to North America. England, France and Spain have their own scandals involving homosexual and pedophile priests, and even a leading Polish Archbishop has been turned over to the Vatican by the fellow priests he has sexually extorted and abused. And in Africa, a vast scandal involving the sexual abuse of nuns by African priests has been reported in the world press and admitted by the Vatican. Vatican spokesman Father Bernardo Cervellera (director of Fides, the Vatican’s missionary news service) offered the outrageous defense that "the problem was limited to sub-Saharan Africa and related to negative cultural views there of women and of the value of celibacy ... These are not cases of ‘psychopathic’ violence against women, but instead a ‘cultural way of living’ that is common throughout the region …" The abuse of nuns by African priests is "a cultural way of living" in Africa! African priests simply don’t appreciate the "value" of celibacy! According to Reuters, the Vatican is "monitoring the situation … but no direct action has been taken."3

        No direct action by the Vatican against priests who sexually abuse nuns; but Father Nicholas Gruner has been declared "suspended" in the Congregation for the Clergy’s only public announcement concerning the "discipline" of any of the Church’s 260,000 diocesan priests in 2001—for the crime of spreading the authentic Fatima Message. Such are the Vatican’s priorities in the new orientation of the Catholic Church.

        Although the Church’s new orientation is a disastrous failure in every respect, producing nothing but the bitterest of fruits, the members of the Vatican apparatus who hound Father Gruner persevere in their pursuit of ruinous novelties. So far as they are concerned, there will be no return to the "model" of the Church represented by the Message of Fatima. There will be no "embarrassing" public consecration of Russia. There will be no "outdated" conversion of Russia to the Catholic Faith. There will be no triumph of the Immaculate Heart, for this would be a setback to "ecumenical dialogue" with the Protestants and the Orthodox. And so Russia has not converted, and there is no peace in the world, and the Catholic Church remains in a state of near-chaos—no doubt as predicted in the Third Secret.

        In Russia, after some forty years of feckless "ecumenical dialogue," the Russian Orthodox are fiercer than ever in their rejection of the papal primacy and their opposition to the Catholic Church. The Russian Orthodox hierarchy exploded in outrage when the Vatican announced in February 2002 that its "apostolic administrations" in Russia would be designated as dioceses. These would not even be dioceses in the traditional Catholic sense. There would, for example, be only an "Archdiocese of the Mother of God at Moscow"; and the Archbishop in charge of this structure will not be called the Archbishop of Moscow, lest the Vatican give offense to the Russian Orthodox Partriarch of Moscow, the ex-KGB agent, Alexy II.

        After creation of the Catholic "dioceses", the anti-Catholic rage of the Russian Orthodox hierarchy—illicit heirs of Catholic parishes and Catholic believers stolen from the true Church at gunpoint by Josef Stalin—has become uncontainable. Cardinal Kasper’s visit to Moscow was cancelled in protest over the creation of the dioceses. In his written statement announcing the cancellation, Orthodox Metropolitan Kyrill of Smolensk, who was to lead the Russian Orthodox delegation in yet another round of futile "ecumenical" negotiations, angrily declared that "we have nothing to say to each other." A fitting conclusion to an enterprise that was worthless to begin with. On March 2, 2002, the Pope conducted a Saturday prayer service that was broadcast from the Vatican by satellite into Russia. The broadcast was totally blacked out by the same Russian television networks now under Vladimir Putin’s thumb. Only by shipping special equipment into the country (that was held up at customs until the last moment) could a few thousand Catholics see the Pope on television screens set up at Assumption Cathedral in Moscow. The BBC reported that "Patriarch Alexy of the Russian Orthodox Church said it (the satellite broadcast) was an ‘invasion of Russia’ and referred to the Polish occupation of Moscow in the early 17th Century. John-Paul is of Polish origin."4 After 40 years of Ostpolitik and "ecumenical dialogue", the Orthodox hierarchy will not even tolerate a video image of the Pope in Russia. This is the conversion of Russia promised by Our Lady of Fatima?

        Trying to put a happy face on the debacle in Russia, Archbishop Tadeusz Kondrusiewicz, the new head of the "Archdiocese of the Mother of God at Moscow", claimed that "It’s all a misunderstanding." The Catholic Church has no intention of making converts among the Orthodox; no intention of seeking the conversion of Russia. After all, this was the same Archbishop Kondrusiewicz who had publicly declared in 1998 (as we have noted) that "The Second Vatican Council has declared that the Orthodox Church is our Sister Church and has the same means for salvation. So there is no reason to have a policy of proselytism." An Associated Press story on Kondrusiewicz’s reaction to Orthodox hostility noted that "Parishioners have come to Kondrusiewicz in tears recently, complaining that the indignant rhetoric by Orthodox leaders on national newscasts since Feb. 11 has made them afraid to practice their faith."5 While Orthodox prelates blast the Catholic Church on national newscasts, "ultranationalists have joined forces with the Russian Orthodox Church in criticizing the Catholic Church for its ‘proselytism’ [and] a parliamentary panel plans an investigation."6

        It is not as if the Orthodox prelates of Russia were defending a vibrant Church of their own. Nearly all of those who designate themselves Russian Orthodox do not practice their religion. The Economist notes that "Russia is suffering a crisis of faith. According to the magazine, 94% of Russians aged 18-29 do not go to church."7 The moral degeneration of Russian society we have already mentioned continues unabated: two abortions for every live birth (an average of five to six abortions for each Russian woman), rampant alcoholism and premature death from disease and violent crime, a burgeoning AIDS epidemic following the legalization of homosexuality by Boris Yeltsin, a flourishing child pornography industry, and so forth.

        But the Catholic Church will not be allowed to fill the spiritual vacuum that Russian Orthodoxy cannot fill. Russia’s 1997 law on "freedom of conscience" continues to grant special legal status to Russian Orthodoxy, Judaism, Islam and Buddhism, while forbidding Catholic "proselytism" and requiring registration of Catholic churches with local bureaucrats. The Catholic Church keeps such a low profile in Russia that the Moscow office from which Archbishop Kondrusiewicz conducts Church affairs is "tucked behind a military commandant’s office and bears no signs saying it houses the Catholic Church’s Russian leadership."8

        As of the year 2002, Catholics remain a tiny, benighted minority in Russia. There are perhaps 500,000 nominal Catholics in a nation of 144 million people. The small percentage of Catholics who even go to Mass on Sunday (most of them in Siberia) is dependent almost entirely on non-Russian priests, who are allowed into Russia only with visitor’s visas that require a departure from the country every three months to seek renewal, which can be denied at any time and for any reason or for no reason at all. The very secretary of the Catholic Bishops’ Conference in Russia, Father Stanislaw Opiela, was denied an entry visa three times without explanation: "I don’t think I’ll try again. It’s just not worth it," he said. "Maybe there will be some kind of protest."9 And then, in April of 2002, Bishop Jerzy Masur, assigned by the Vatican to administer to the vast (but sparsely populated) region of Siberia was expelled from Russia, his entry visa confiscated without explanation. Bishop Masur learned that he had been added to a secret "list" of those who are considered "undesirables" and will no longer be allowed to enter Russian territory.

        All of these developments in Russia prompted Archbishop Kondrusiewicz to issue a formal protest on behalf of the Conference of Catholic Bishops of Russia, entitled "Religious Liberty in Russia Is in Serious Danger." The protest declares:

        Catholics in Russia ask themselves: What will happen next? Are the constitutional guarantees valid also for them, including liberty of conscience and of the right to have their own pastors, which comprises inviting them from abroad, not forgetting that for 81 years the Catholic Church was deprived of the right of forming and ordaining its own priests? Perhaps the State really considers Catholics second-class citizens? Are they (the State) returning to the times of persecution of the faith? … The expulsion of a Catholic bishop who has not violated any law, surpasses all imaginable limits of civilized relations between the State and the Church. … With grave worry, we express our decisive protest in respect to violation of the constitutional rights of Catholics.10

        In fact, by the end of 2002 the Pope’s own spokesman, Joaquin Navarro-Valls, declared that the actions against the Catholic Church by Russian authorities had reached the level of "an authentic persecution." So, while Cardinal Sodano and the followers of his Party Line insist that Russia was consecrated to the Immaculate Heart some 18 years ago and that the current state of affairs in Russia is the "miracle" of "conversion" brought about by this "consecration," both the leading Catholic prelate in Russia and the Pope’s personal spokesman publicly decry the persecution of the Church in Russia, and warn that religious liberty for Russian Catholics is in serious danger. The only word to describe this situation is insane.

        It is even worse for the Catholic Church in the neighboring "former Soviet republics." In Romania, at least eleven Catholic parishes stolen by Stalin have been bulldozed to the ground rather than returned to their rightful owners after the "fall of communism" in 1990.11 In Belarus, Catholic World News Service reported on January 10, 2002 that there are "disturbing new indications of hostility to the Catholic Church" and that "the broadcasting of Sunday Mass on the state radio service has been canceled without warning." As CWN noted, "Belarus is officially a secular state … [I]ts authoritarian President Aleksandr Lukashenko, although he proclaims himself to be an atheist, nevertheless looks to the Orthodox Church for support in his policy of the ‘integration’ of Belarus with Russia." The examples of persecution of the Catholic Church in Belarus, Kazakhstan, Moldova, Romania, Transylvania and elsewhere in "the former Soviet Union" could be multiplied endlessly.

        And where is Russian President Vladimir Putin in all of this? He has been busy reassembling the never-quite-dismantled elements of a Soviet-style dictatorship. As reported by the London Times online edition of January 12, 2002, "Russia’s last independent television station was closed yesterday, leaving the country’s entire broadcast media under Kremlin control"—the same broadcast media that have been denouncing the Catholic Church over the question of dioceses in Russia. As if by a prearranged schedule, the same thing is happening in the Ukraine. On December 21, 2001 WorldNetDaily reported that "The torch of liberty has grown dimmer in the former Soviet republic of Ukraine—as it has across most of the territory of the old USSR—with the government’s silencing of the last independent media outlet and the continuing controversy surrounding the murder of a popular outspoken journalist." There have been many murders and fatal "accidents" involving journalists since the "fall of communism."

        In conjunction with his systematic takeover of the mass media under the guise of "debt collection" and "tax evasion", Putin has restored the Soviet national anthem, consolidated Kremlin control over Russian provinces and signed a military and diplomatic "friendship" treaty with Red China. Putin has even ordered the production of a commemorative calendar glorifying the Soviet era, Lubyanka Prison (capstone of the Soviet gulag) and the Soviet-era butcher Felix Dzerzhinsky, who founded the KGB, authorized the torture and execution of Catholic priests, and presided over Lenin’s liquidation of the Russian middle class. The calendar is for use in the offices of the KGB, which has been strategically renamed the FSB.

        As if by magical coincidence, a national cult of Vladimir Putin is "spontaneously" emerging. As reported in the Electronic Telegraph of May 8, 2001:

        [T]he cult of President Putin received new impetus yesterday when thousands of students celebrated the first anniversary of his inauguration under the Kremlin walls. The rally, where many wore T-shirts decorated with Mr. Putin’s face, plumbed new depths of grovelling to the former KGB colonel, who is already immortalized in children’s books, sculpture and obsequious coverage in the media. Speakers tried to outdo each other in their praise of the great leader. Their rhetoric yielded new insights into the thinking of Putin loyalists, who now dominate the bureaucracy, parliament and state broadcasting.

        All of these developments were summed up by Yelena Bonner, widow of the Soviet dissident physicist Andrei Sakharov: "Under Putin, a new stage in the introduction of modernized Stalinism has begun. Authoritarianism is growing harsher, society is being militarized, the military budget is increasing." Bonner warned that "under the present government our country can expect, in the foreseeable future, destructive upheavals that could affect surrounding countries as well." She also drew clear parallels between "converted" Russia and Stalinist Russia: "about a third of the population worked for either nothing or symbolic wages during the Stalin era. In modern Russia two thirds of the population are on the verge of poverty. The health care system is worse today than it was in the Fifties. Stalin murdered about 20 million [actually more like 50 million] people, while in today’s Russia the population is falling by a million people a year."12

        As Russia embraces a modernized Stalinism, putting the lie to the claim that Russia has been "converting" since the 1984 consecration of the world, Cardinal Sodano continues his program of aligning the Catholic Church with the forces of the emerging New World Order. Catholic news organs reported with dismay that the Vatican Secretariat of State actively supports the newly created International Criminal Court (ICC), even to the extent of making a financial contribution to its coffers.13 Catholic commentators, joined by secular political commentators, have long warned that the ICC is a direct threat to the rights of sovereign nations and their peoples because it will assert jurisdiction to conduct politically motivated trials—from which there will be no appeal—of the citizens of any nation, based on an ever-expanding list of prosecutable "offenses".14 These trials would be conducted without any of the procedural safeguards on admission of evidence and the right to confront witnesses which are essential to due process of law.15

        Everywhere—in the Church, in Russia, in the world—the practitioners of Cardinal Sodano’s Party Line on Fatima see the evidence of its failure. Yet Sodano’s collaborators in the Vatican apparatus, and their Fatima revisionist dupes throughout the Church, continue to insist that Russia was consecrated to the Immaculate Heart 18 years ago, that recent events in Russia are "a miracle", that the Third Secret and the Message of Fatima as a whole "belong to the past" and need no longer concern us. Catholics like Father Gruner, who continue to point out the obvious, are being subjected to the equivalent of a Stalinist purge for their lack of fidelity to the Party Line. They are denounced as "disobedient", "schismatic", and their "loyalty to the Pope" is questioned, even though the Pope has never personally endorsed or imposed Sodano’s Party Line on Fatima but has rather given compelling indications of its utter falsity.

        How does one count the cost of the insane conspiracy to do away with the prophecies of the Mother of God at Fatima? The cost in temporal suffering and harm to souls is already beyond all human calculation: the misery of the Russian people and the continuing State persecution of Russian Catholics; the holocaust of abortion in every nation; a rising tide of violence throughout the world; the loss of countless souls through destruction of their Catholic Faith and the corruption of the Catholic clergy now on display before the whole world. And yet all of this was undoubtedly predicted in that part of the Third Secret we have not been allowed to see; and all of it could have been avoided if the men who rule the Church today had followed, rather than despised, the Virgin of Fatima’s simple requests.

        But what will be the cost in the coming days, if the course which the accused have set for the Church is not corrected soon? Our Lady of Fatima has already answered that question: wars and persecution of the Church, the martyrdom of Catholics, the suffering of the Holy Father, the annihilation of nations, the loss of millions more souls.

        Those who have engineered the Church’s new orientation and imposed the Party Line on Fatima insist that we ignore these divine warnings, even though they were delivered by the Mother of God Herself and authenticated by a public miracle without precedent in human history. No, we cannot ignore the warnings. The time has come to declare that it is not the Message of Fatima, but the all-too-fallible human advice of these men that we must ignore. By their fruits ye shall know them, and the fruits of their policies and judgments are there for all to see: the Church is in the depths of Her worst crisis in 2,000 years, and the world is headed toward an apocalypse.

        We have made our case as best we can; we have discharged our duty of conscience before the Church and the bar of history. Now, we submit, a duty descends upon you, the reader. We ask you to consider the evidence we have presented and render your verdict—a verdict that good cause exists to ask that the highest authority in the Church judge and correct the actions of these men, repairing the damage they have done and thus doing justice to the Church and the world.

        But while we wait for justice to be rendered, we must do whatever is in our power to protect ourselves, our loved ones, our fellow Catholics, and the world at large from further harm.

        This means, first of all, that we must reject the false counsel of those in authority who have tried to replace the words of the Mother of God with their own words, and Heaven’s plan for peace with their own plan. We have seen the ruinous results of their fallible human wisdom, which they continue to try to impose upon the Church against the evidence of our senses, the dictates of our reason and the very words of the Mother of God Herself. With all due respect to their offices in the Church, we must say of these men that insofar as the Message of Fatima and its implications for the Church and the world are concerned, they have forfeited their own credibility. We should no longer follow them.

        As we have seen in Cardinal Newman’s apt description of the Arian crisis, the present crisis in the Church would not be the first time in Her history that the laity were left to carry on the Faith without the help of the upper hierarchy or even most bishops, relying instead on their own sensus catholicus and a few good priests and prelates who did not succumb to the reigning confusion. During the Arian crisis nearly the entire hierarchy lost sight of something as fundamental as the divinity of Christ, and the laity, for the safety of their own souls, had to cease following those in authority for at least 40 years. It is manifest that a comparable situation has arisen today. Can anyone looking objectively at the present condition of the Church seriously deny that She is undergoing a crisis of faith and discipline no less severe than that in the time of Arius?

        In Reform of the Roman Liturgy, the renowned liturgist Msgr. Klaus Gamber, lamenting the ecclesial destruction caused by the liturgical "reforms" of Pope Paul VI, observed as follows:

        Great is the confusion! Who can still see clearly in this darkness? Where in our Church are the leaders who can show us the right path? Where are the bishops courageous enough to cut out the cancerous growth of the modernist theology that has implanted itself and is festering within the celebration of the most sacred mysteries, before the cancer spreads and causes even greater damage? What we need today is a new Athanasius, a new Basil, bishops like those who in the Fourth Century courageously fought against the Arian heresy when almost the whole of Christendom had succumbed to the heresy.16

        Until such leadership emerges in the Church, until the current crisis has ended and things are set right again, we must educate ourselves and others about the Faith, defending it as best we can. In our time, this task requires that we also defend the Message of Fatima; for as Saint Thomas teaches, in every age God sends prophets, not to give a new doctrine, but to remind the faithful of what they must do to save their souls. The great prophet of our age is Our Lady of Fatima. As Sister Lucy herself said in the famous interview with Father Fuentes in 1957:

        Father, the Most Holy Virgin is very sad because no one has paid any attention to Her Message, neither the good nor the bad. The good continue on their way, but without giving any importance to Her Message. …

        Tell them Father, that many times, the Most Holy Virgin told my cousins Francisco and Jacinta, as well as myself, that many nations will disappear from the face of the earth. She said that Russia will be the instrument of chastisement chosen by Heaven to punish the whole world if we do not beforehand obtain the conversion of that poor nation.

        The conversion of Russia has not been obtained. Anyone with any sense can recognize this. That being the case, the annihilation of nations is surely coming, unless the men who govern the Church change course, abandon their destructive novelties, and simply do what the Mother of God requested at Fatima. We simply can no longer risk relying on the advice of those who are determined to ignore the true signs of the times; the signs of a gathering apocalypse foretold by the Virgin at Fatima. Imploring the grace of God, we will have to advance the cause of true peace in the world without the help of our own superiors, so many of whom have been blinded in their pursuit of a new and alien vision of the Church.

        In this undertaking we must gather together under the mantle of Our Lady of Fatima, praying incessantly for Her intercession in this time of great confusion, and never forgetting Her unbreakable promises to the Church and the world.

        Our Lady of Fatima, Pray for Us!


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