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Chapter 10

Naming Names

        It is now opportune for us to summarize what the evidence has shown so far, and whom it implicates in the crime at issue.

        Thus far the evidence has shown the following:

  • The Message of Fatima is a divinely given prophecy for our time, authenticated by an unprecedented public miracle and vouched for by a series of Popes, including the currently reigning Pope.
  • The prophetic warnings in the Message have mostly come to pass, save for especially the annihilation of nations that would be the consequence of failing to effect the Consecration of Russia in time.
  • God has already demonstrated the benefits of a national consecration to the Immaculate Heart in the case of Portugal in 1931, whose miraculous overnight transformation from an atheistic, Masonic republic into a Catholic country was seen by the Portuguese hierarchy itself as a foretaste of what God would bestow upon the world after the Consecration of Russia.
  • Instead of following the path marked out at Fatima, the leaders of the Catholic Church chose a different path—the path of a new orientation of the Church initiated at Vatican II, including an "opening to the world" and "reforms" of the Church which have fulfilled the dreams of Her worst enemies, who admitted that their goal was to bring about precisely such changes in the Church.
  • In taking this path of a new orientation, the Church’s leaders have disregarded the repeated warnings of the pre-conciliar Popes (including Blessed Pius IX, Leo XIII, St. Pius X, Pius XI and Pius XII) that the Church’s enemies were plotting to remake Her in the very manner She has in fact been remade in the post-conciliar period.
  • The changes began in 1960—the very year in which Sister Lucy had insisted the Third Secret be revealed, because it would be clearer then.
  • The result of these changes has been a catastrophic loss of faith and discipline in the Church which appears to be foretold in that part of the Great Secret of Fatima which begins with the words: "In Portugal the dogma of the Faith will always be preserved etc."—a phrase that remains mysteriously incomplete, despite the Vatican’s claimed disclosure of the entirety of the Third Secret.
  • Rather than admitting these incalculable blunders and their ruinous consequences for the Church, the current Vatican apparatus has obstinately pursued the new orientation, which is obviously inconsistent with the expressly Catholic imperatives of the Fatima Message: namely, the establishment of devotion to the Immaculate Heart in the world, the consecration of Russia to the Immaculate Heart, the conversion of Russia to the Catholic Faith, and the triumph of the Immaculate Heart, accompanied by a period of world peace in a Catholic social order.
  • To the contrary, the Vatican apparatus has willfully and deliberately refused to consecrate Russia by name to Mary’s Immaculate Heart, but has instead conducted a systematic campaign to neutralize the Message of Fatima in order to subjugate it to the Church’s new orientation—Her Adaptation to Masonic and Communist ideals—while persecuting loyal Catholics who do not follow the Party Line.
  • The Vatican apparatus, led by the Secretary of State, deliberately scorns the prophecies, imperatives and warnings of the Fatima Message in favor of "enlightened" new ecclesial policies, which include avoiding any offense to Russia by a public consecration of that nation.
  • In consequence of these monumental errors of judgment, Russia has failed to convert, the Church is suffering an unprecedented crisis of faith and discipline, and the world continues to spiral downward in a cycle of violence and rebellion against God and His Holy Church—in response to which, the Vatican apparatus only redoubles its efforts to follow the utterly fruitless new orientation of the Church.

        Especially in view of the events of June 26-27, 2000 and during the months following, the proof now suffices to identify the four men we must in conscience accuse in this book. They are:

Cardinal Angelo Sodano
Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger
Archbishop Tarcisio Bertone
Cardinal Dario Castrillón Hoyos

        Why these four men and not others? As we have already shown, it is these men who have taken the lead in attempting nothing less than the murder of the Message of Fatima, and with it the Heaven-sent hope of the world in our time. They have combined and conspired, and then acted publicly, to impose upon the Church a version of the Fatima Message that bears no resemblance to the Catholic prophecy the Mother of God delivered to the world for the aid of all humanity. While these four men obviously have many collaborators in what Pope Paul VI rued as the "auto-demolition" of the Church, it is they who have specialized, as it were, in the demolition of Fatima. Thus they deserve to be identified as the principals of the crime we allege here.

        But there is much more evidence of this crime, and our case is far from complete. We will now examine in more detail the basic elements of proof we have outlined so far. We will begin, in the next chapter, with a more detailed examination of Cardinal Ratzinger’s "interpretation" of the Third Secret of Fatima, a key element of the effort to bury the Fatima Message once and for all.

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