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"The two defining moments in the history of the Catholic Church in the Twentieth Century are the Marian apparitions at Fatima in the first half of the century and the Second Vatican Council in the second.

"The great insight of this masterful book is the brilliant way in which it links the two events together, showing that the two are one. The Church and the world are now living through the consequences of the subsequent decisions, delays, and actions.

"Every Catholic who loves Holy Mother Church and who has suffered with Her in recent decades must read this book which offers a clear but alarming vision of where we are, how we got there, and where we are going."
David Allen White, Ph.D.
Professor of Literature
United States Naval Academy

          It is a book that MUST be read by the widest range of people, including priests, bishops and, of course, Cardinals. It is truly a block-buster and must be known by all, especially Catholics.
Frank Feldhusesn, AZ

      This book is vital for our times, actually it’s crucial.
Carol A. Chavez, KS

      If you want to understand the world and the role of satan, read this book.
Bob Golkowski

      This book should be read by every Catholic who deserves the facts and information contained in this book.
John A. Luccio, DC

      The book is extremely well written and masterfully edited and compiled. Moreover, it convincingly argues that this betrayal will bring with it ever increasing dangers, both physical and spiritual, until the consecration of Russia to the Immaculate Heart is accomplished as Mary has asked.
Robert B. Brine, CA

      The book says it all.
John D. Bieker, OR

      This book tells the truth and, as we know, it is the truth that will set us free.
Don Campagna, CA

      This book is so relevant to the world situation today everyone should read it to come out of the darkness that surrounds us.
Mary-Ann Connelly

      I believe this is the most important book to come out on Our Lady's Message of Fatima. This book may be our refuge at last.
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Fite Jr, PA

      Thank you so much for giving me the opportunity to read this book. Reading it all together really made a big impact. Thank you again.
Linda L. Hughes, CA

What really is happening to the Catholic Church?

Who is behind it?

We are living in the most sinful era in history, worse than the days of Noah.

No one on this earth is exempt from the Chastisement about to befall us if the Catholic Church does not obey the Fatima Message very soon.

This does affect YOU, your life, your family, your freedom and your salvation NOW!

Only Our Lady of Fatima can help us.


      The Devil's Final Battle is Sister Lucy of Fatima's telling of Our Lady's warning that "the devil is in the mood (for) … a decisive" confrontation, foretold in the "enmity" of Genesis 3:15 about his ongoing battle with "The Lady clothed in light."
       The authors of the articles revised and compiled here, from numerous sources, contend that we (in the Catholic Church and in the world) are in the midst of the Great Apostasy: that final conflict for our souls. The evidence in this book shows that the Great Apostasy is taking place now and that it is the substance of "the Third Secret" of Fatima — suppressed by the Popes for forty years, since 1960, and twisted and dismissed by Cardinal Angelo Sodano on May 13, 2000, at the beatifications of Jacinta and Francisco Marto, and by Cardinal Josef Ratzinger on June 26 of that year.
      This book is required reading, especially for those who fail to see (or who ignore) the direct connection of Fatima's untold "Third Secret" with the spiritual impoverishment of the millennial Church, with current cataclysmic human events, and with the feckless indirection, darkened intellects and moral ennui of clergy, politicians, and the clueless "faithful" in the face of the superhuman evil unleashed among us by God's adversary, the killer of souls.
Father Charles Fiore

      Our Blessed Mother graced our age with a spectacular miracle at Fatima in 1917, along with equally spectacular and alarming warnings. During the past 40 years the enemies of Christ have sought to bury this message and the request of Our Lady for the Consecration of Russia to Her Immaculate Heart which is the only means for peace for our world.
      In The Devil’s Final Battle, Fr. Paul Kramer and other authors now tell this story like it has never been told before. One would have to read dozens of books and hundreds of news articles in order to obtain the rock solid foundation which is packed into this book and which proves conclusively a conspiracy to bury the message of Fatima...a conspiracy which reaches to the highest corridors of the Vatican. The authors prove this case beyond a reasonable doubt.
       I am particularly impressed that this book has the courage to name names, so that Catholics may know who has been orchestrating this devilish plot and can pray to God and petition to the Holy See for removal of these scheming prelates.
          James M. Bendell
          Attorney at Law
  • Board Member and Legal Counsel of Roman Catholic Faithful (a leading lay Catholic association fighting pedophilia and homosexuality in the clergy)
  • West Coast Affiliate, American Catholic Lawyers Association
  • Former Prosecutor and Trial Attorney

      This is a very informative book. The truth about the much needed information about the message of Fatima. Everyone needs to read this book.
Rose Meighen, GA

      Every Christian should have a copy of this book in his library. The truth is not something to be ashamed of.
Terry Mraz, MN

      I feel that this book, The Devil’s Final Battle, is the most important book ever written. In the stroke of its pen it speaks in unwavering truth.
Dennis A. Nelson, MT

      A must read for ALL Catholics.
Des Brady, ON

      Fascinating and filled with truth, it is essential reading.
David P. Help, OR

      This book should be in the hands of every Catholic.
Irene Kinzel, AB

      This book scares me. I mean deep inside, because I can see the truth of what is being said and people (in general) don’t seem to care a lot about what God wants as opposed to what they want.
Dustin and Michelle Lower, WA
      Just a note to let you know that I'm finished The Devil's Final Battle, and I think it's a REMARKABLE book!
      One nice thing about it is that it's a great book for both the neophyte to Fatima and also for those who are familiar with the situation. For the neophyte, it provides a detailed story of the messages in a historical perspective, while driving home the serious implications of Our Lady's requests. For those familiar with Fatima, it provides a good recap and, more importantly, it updates the entire situation right up to the present … AND makes all the proper 'connections' in a clear, forthright manner.
      So many people think the differences between the pre- and post-Vatican II Church are just a matter of different 'approaches' to the Faith, but this book shows how the takeover of the Church after the Council was nothing short of demonic. I think it drives home the severity of the current situation, and how utterly ravaged the hierarchy has become, just as Our Lady foretold it would become at Fatima and La Salette.
      It's IMPOSSIBLE to understand 20th Century history without understanding what is contained in this book. How many people today think Communism is "dead"? What can be more chilling than the idea of Our Lady being dismissed as a force for world peace, and Gorbachev or the U.N. being installed in Her place? This book is a MUST read …
Mark Alessio

      Sometimes when one is caught up in the battles and ugliness of the American version of Catholicism, it's useful to look up out of the trenches and take inventory as to the true causes, scope and objectives of the greater struggle. Such an opportunity was afforded to this writer when the postman delivered a copy of The Devil's Final Battle — a book which gives a perspective unlike any other.
      The Fatima apparitions occupy a special significance in the history of mankind — a significance which continues to this very day. Throughout history, certain key occurrences have been greatly influenced, even dictated by supernatural factors — so much so that any analysis which does not take such factors into account is incomplete or inaccurate.
       Its (The Devil’s Final Battle) basic and essential arguments are supported by an overwhelming amount of evidence. This evidence (mostly from the mouth of the now elderly nun chosen by the Mother of God to deliver Her message to the world) is why Fatima has and will continue to haunt those Churchmen who reject its message and the supernatural virtues it represents.
Peter W.Miller
Seattle Catholic

      This is the most important book of our times. A dire warning to all people regarding mankind in this sinful world today.
Diane C. Burkland, FL

      From the moment I received your package with the book The Devil’s Final Battle I knew what I was opening was of great importance. Your book neatly answers the questions which a busy Catholic mother should be concerned with in order to help form her children on a daily basis and also for their future life in the heart of the Church.
Mrs. Anita Marie Jeffery, NV

      I have read The Devil’s Final Battle, a masterpiece of monumental achievement, with the impression it should be the concern of every human being on the face of the earth.
Helen Brink, AB

      Father, I will praise this wondrous work to anyone who will hear me, for such truth I’ve never seen it written so well.
Mrs. Simone Daoust, ON

      This book is a creative effort to inspire and stimulate people to come to the truth and enrich their spiritual lives.
John A. Cox, CA

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